After you register with SpeakAsiaOnline, you are called as Panelist.  
Below are the steps to become a premium panelist.
Step 1 
To register as a Premium Panelist you may purchase subscription for 52 issues of Online Surveys Today E-bulletin for $220 (Rs. 11,000). 
You can purchase the subscription from Surveys Online Today franchisees by making payment through bank. You will be allotted a unique subscription code.
There are Speak Asia franchise all over India which you can check on the official website of the Speak Asia at Below we have given the details of one of the franchise where you can deposit to get the subscription code very fast.
Step 2 After you receive the subscription code, fill up your registration form at along with your subscription code.
Step 3 
Your Speak Asia username and password will be displayed and mailed to you.
Step 4 
Login to Speak Asia website with your username and password.
Step 5 
Every time you login, you will get a survey form to fill up. You need to fill up two forms every week in order to get your weekly income.
OR Simply Contact below to know the complete joining procedure.